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Ereatara Enari Q and A!

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Written by Vincent Jones

One of our team members, Vincent, was lucky enough to have the pleasure of interviewing Hawke's Bay and Moana Pasifika halfback, Ere Enari, for his Instagram page, the Hawke's Bay Magpies Fan Page.

Several Magpies follow the fan page, which was started in 2020.

Enari, who has played for the NZ U20 along with making 40 appearances for Canterbury and 9 for the Crusaders, moved to Hawke's Bay this year, on a two-year contract after the loss of talented halfback, Folau Fakatava, to injury. Ere Enari is a talented halfback and has shown with some solid performances for the Magpies. Thanks to Ere for his time and good luck to him for his future in New Zealand rugby!

Enari warming up before the Hawke's Bay vs Manawatū. Photo: Vincent Jones.

Question 1. What was it like finding out you had been selected as part of the 2021 Hawke's Bay Magpies Squad?

Answer- It was a blessing for sure because I was looking for a change of environment and somewhere to get more game time. I loved the rugby they played and didn’t actually think I’d find a spot here. When Folau was ruled out for the season it opened up an opportunity for me to join the team so it’s been great to rub shoulders with him and Connor McLeod and now Danny Tusitala as well.

Question 2- What was it like finding out you had been selected as a member of the Moana Pasifika squad next year?

Answer- Moana Pasifika is a team I’m very proud to be a part of and excited to see how it comes together. It’s a huge opportunity to reconnect with my roots and Samoan culture, give back to our Polynesian community, and play Super Rugby with some talented players.

Question 3- What is it like playing for the Magpies in 2021 under Covid-19 times?

Answer- The team adapted really well with lockdown and the change of competition structure . Training in isolation and staying connected over WhatsApp and zoom it’s been awesome to see the dedication everyone has to the team and doing what needs to be done to be able to come out and perform every week since

Question 4- What was it like moving from the Crusaders and Canterbury to the Magpies and Moana Pasifika?

Answer- It’s been a huge change and challenge but a very good one. It’s been an eye opener to see how environments run completely different based on many variables. I’ve learnt that finding out what works for them and their people is the main thing to identify and build on to set your foundation to grow from. Being closer to home in Gisborne and also my family living in Auckland, I do feel more connected to the land I stand on and therefore the people I play for also.

Question 5- Do you enjoy life in Hawke's Bay?

Answer- I love life in Hawkes Bay. Living 5 minutes from a reef surf break and 10 minutes to training I am blessed beyond measure. I also have whānau here cousins and nephews/nieces so it’s been awesome to live close to them. The people here are lovely and our supporters are staunch, we appreciate them a lot.

Question 6- When did you start taking rugby seriously as a halfback?

Answer- When I was 17, I committed to playing halfback when I moved to Christchurch in 2015. I was offered a spot in the Crusaders Knights (Development) as a 9 when I played most of the club season at 10. So I decided if I was going to move forward in my career then it would be at 9. Enjoyed it since.

Question 7- What is the story behind your hairstyle?

Answer- Māui Pōtiki is my inspiration. Wrapped in the top knot of his mother at birth. Nah it’s actually just literally the easiest way for me to tie it myself so it stays out of my eyes and stays in the hair tie. I don’t make time to do something cool with my hair so convenience is what I aim for.

Question 8- Do you have any future hopes for your time with either Hawke's Bay or Moana Pasifika?

Answer- My main priority is to enjoy my time in both of these environments however long it lasts. Give what I have to give to benefit the team and all people involved, in and out of our environment. And bring honour to God in everything that I do.

Question 9- Do you want to be able to play for Samoa or The All Blacks if you got chance to?

Answer- I would love to play for either the All Blacks or Samoa. Both are pasty of my identity and it would be an honour to represent either. I guess we’ll see where my career takes me.

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