This movement was founded in 2019, by Max Sharp, to bring New Zealand rugby fans together. This mission statement has worked very well. Loyal followers have now become key contributors to the Instagram page, creating content from memes, all the way to graphic design. 

Since the foundation of our Instagram page, Max has since branched out to YouTube, under this name. Our newest ambition, delivering written articles on this website, has begun in 2022! Our articles will cover unanswered questions, match reviews, interviews, and many more! 

We frequently collaborate with fellow online content creators, we're more than welcome to share our love for rugby one-on-one.

Our team is still expanding, we'll openly accept aspiring journalists to hone their craft on this website.


About Us

Current Contributors


Max Sharp (Founder)
Favourite Rugby Player: Julian Savea
Favourite Food: Fish & Chips
Favourite Rugby Club: Havelock North Rugby Club
All Black fan since: 2011
Max is the 22-year-old founder of The Black Jersey, runs The Black Jersey's YouTube channel and is the primary content creator on The Black Jersey's Instagram page. Max's first memory of a rugby game was the opener of the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

Vincent Jones (Tech leader)
Favourite Rugby Player: Richie McCaw
Favourite Food: Hamburgers
Favourite Rugby Club: Hawke's Bay Magpies
All Black fan since: 2011
Vincent is a 16-year-old high school student who has a passion for web design, journalism, rugby and cricket. In 2021, Vincent along with Max, designed the website for The Black Jersey. 

Troy Hockey (Writer)
Favourite Rugby Player: Jordie Barrett
Favourite Rugby Club: Manawatu Turbos, Hurricanes
All Black Fan Since: 2012
Troy, a high school student, who is nicknamed Hockey after his love for this sport, is a fan of a various amount of sports, especially rugby. Troy is a long-time fan of the Hurricanes and Turbos, who is considering  a career in journalism.


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